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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of place is Glory House?

Glory House is not a homeless shelter, a drug rehab center, a halfway house, or a medical facility. Glory House is unable to take emergency placements.  It is a residential  program of restoration for women who have a sincere desire to change their lives. It is a voluntary program. 

Is Glory House affiliated with a particular church?

No. Glory House offers a non-denominational restoration program, which welcomes the support of any area church, business, or individual. Glory House is not funded by any government agency.

What does it cost to come to Glory House?

It cost approximately $1400 per month for each Resident in our program. We only require each Resident to have a $500 per month sponsorship.

Can I visit Glory House?

Yes! Call (918) 584-1808 or email to schedule a tour for yourself or group. Tours are given by appointment only, please.